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A Brand New Institute that regulates the entire industry

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A single place to go for your vertical development measurement

Who Are We

The SCi is here to help coaches and clients to make a real difference

A Brand New Approach

After 10 years in the making, the Stage-Coach Institute (SCi) has evolved to become the international benchmark for all aspects of coaching, coach development and leadership development. We are more than a membership organisation for professional coaches. We are bringing together, in one place, the future of Coaching Excellence and Leadership Excellence in two ways: we offer the only ethical benchmark system in the industry, and we focus not on the relationship but on the foundational construction of self as the area for development.

A Unique System

No other system investigates the fundamental aspects of thinking in order to provoke vertical development in our leaders, coaches and clients. Discover the SCi system of Coaching 2.0, created to better develop you, so you can better develop others.

An Ethical Approach

Constructed Development Theory forms the foundation of our vertical development and our coaching approach. The Awareness Quotient is the measure with which we establish the development of coaches and mentors at the SCi.

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The Institute is in its early stages but rest assured we have a team of dedicated experts in Constructed Development, Coaching and Leadership working in the background to get this Institute off the ground. Use the email button below to be kept up-to-date on the grand launch of what is sure to be a huge disruption for the Coaching industry.

What our founding members say:

Sean E.

"I feel more confident in my own approach knowing I have the SCi behind me. It's not a process but a way of thinking about coaching as a system."

Jürgen W.

"Here in Germany, I prefer the SCi system to the other, bigger names out there. It has an ethic with which I agree culturally, and wholeheartedly."

Darren S.

"As you say, the training is not training because you can't train development."

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