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A Brand New Approach to Coaching excellence.

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A Brand New Approach to Coaching excellence..


After 10 years in the making, the Stage-Coach Institute (SCi) has evolved to become the international benchmark for all aspects of coaching, coach development and leadership development. We are more than a membership organisation for professional coaches. We are bringing together, in one place, the future of Coaching Excellence and Leadership Excellence in two ways: we offer the only ethical benchmark system in the industry, and we focus not on the relationship but on the foundational construction of self as the area for development.




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Coaching 2.0 - Next Level in Coaching

There are no coaching goals here. How you construct YOU is more important.

If we know how you construct you, and the limitations of your Intention, Awareness, Choice and Response, we will know how you construct your problem. By changing your construction, we remove the problem.

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Meta-Model completely rewritten and rethought

At the SCi, we offer a level of understanding your client like you have never seen before!

This Meta-Model programme is very short, but has more impact than an entire year's wroth of NLP training. Come along and discover how.


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MCO Development is completely Different!

You are no longer a coach: you are a More Complex Other!

As such, you are going to learn how to see through your client's patterns and intercept their thinking!

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Why Us?

The reasons to choose the SCi as your Development Route


An Ethical Approach

Constructed Development Theory forms the foundation of our vertical development and our coaching approach. The Awareness Quotient is the measure with which we establish the development of coaches and mentors at the SCi. We consider this a more ethical approach as the developmental level of the coaches emerges throughout the programmes, and determine who we can coach.


How to Gain Accreditation

The Institute offers a bespoke number of programmes designed to take you, as a More Complex Other on a journey through the levels of self-awareness until you achieve such a position as to be capable of supervising other MCO's. Each workshop is designed to stretch your thinking to the next level and hold you there, with like-minded individuals who share your ethical approach to vertical development, so you can pass on the Coaching 2.0 framework to clients and colleagues.


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The Institute is in its early stages but rest assured we have a team of dedicated experts in Constructed Development, Coaching and Leadership working in the background to get this Institute off the ground. Use the email button below to be kept up-to-date on the grand launch of what is sure to be a huge boon for the Coaching industry.


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Meet the Team

What Our Founders Say

This is not a community of coaches, but a collective! Each of our Founder Members comes from a different background, different culture and different experience. Collectively, we truly embody the thinking behind a brand new global institute for coaching excellence.

We say a few words here to hopefully inspire you to join us in our passion to grow everyone to AQ7 using Coaching 2.0! Join us today for the next stage in coaching development!

“You can't train Development!”

Dr Darren Stevens
Founder, SCi

( 7 Reviews )

“I feel more confident in my own approach knowing I have the SCi behind me. It's not a process but a way of thinking about coaching as a system.”

Sean Ellis
Founding Member, SCi

( 7 Reviews )

“The SCi represents the ideas behind the Identity Compass better than any other federation or institute. I am happy to be part of this movement.”

H. Arne Maus
Founding Member, SCi

( 7 Reviews )

“Here in Germany, I prefer the SCi system to the other, bigger names out there. It has an ethic with which I agree culturally, and wholeheartedly. ”

Jürgen Wulff
Founding Member, SCi

( 7 Reviews )

“Being multilingual and multicultural, with experiences on several continents, I strongly believe the SCi will offer everyone an unmatched possibility to grow their awareness in regard of cognitive intentions, thus mastering complexity for the challenges to come.”

Patrick Stam
Founding Member, SCi

( 7 Reviews )

“SCI is a welcome pathway that provides a hands-on personalised strategy with a clear and practical way to unlock the full potential of a human being embedded in the Constructed Development Theory and sustained by the Identity Compass.”

Ken Smith
Founding Member, SCi

( 7 Reviews )

“How I construct myself in both German and Spanish is an important differentiation that no other system offers. I look forward to being part of the SCi."

Jacques Lacroix
Founding Member, SCi

( 7 Reviews )
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